The premiere edition of Interbud

Interbud is a new offer in the Ptak Warsaw Expo trade fair calendar. On New date coming soon, specialists from the renewable energy sector will meet with representatives of companies striving to increase energy efficiency during the International Renewable Energy Sources Industry Fair. The two-day event will provide exhibitors and visitors with a comprehensive overview of offers and current technological solutions in the renewable energy industry.

During the Interbud, exhibitors from Poland and abroad will present their offer of innovative RES solutions and systems. The fair is an excellent opportunity to meet specialists and establish business contacts. An additional advantage is the possibility of arranging individual business meetings with producers, distributors and representatives of the largest companies operating in the industry. It is also a unique opportunity for extensive promotion and sale of equipment in the field of solar, wind, water, geothermal and biomass energy. Among the exhibitors present at the fair there are investment companies that are interested in cooperation and development on the Polish renewable energy market.

Guests attending the event will have a unique chance to see the assortment of several hundred companies in one place and time. The benefits of participating in the renewable energy industry fair include not only the opportunity to learn about the latest industry trends or acquiring new business partners, but also the opportunity to negotiate payment and delivery terms, and at the same time save money and time.

The International Renewable Energy Sources Industry Fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo is not only an exhibition, but also numerous market premieres and a source of valuable knowledge, driving the development of the RES sector. During the Interbud, participants will have the opportunity to use the services of advisors, obtain legal support, and find a job offer in a sector with great potential.

We encourage you to participate in the premiere edition of Interbud!