Global energy transformation

The global shift towards renewable energy sources has contributed to the dynamic development of the Polish renewable energy sector and companies focused on the production and solutions in the field of green energy. The Warsaw Eco Power Expo will be a great opportunity to discuss the most current challenges and problems related to the industry, as well as to learn about the offer of companies that operate in the renewable energy sector.

Energy transformation is one of the strongest global processes. In addition to regulatory pressure, which is causing an increasing need to invest in renewable energy sources and increase the energy efficiency of enterprises, there is also a growing commitment from society. Polish society expects energy transformation from companies, paying more and more attention to threats resulting from poor air quality or climate change. The preferred direction for the development of the energy sector in Poland are renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

In view of the changes taking place in the energy sector, also resulting from legal regulations, it is impossible not to notice that the demand for energy from RES will only grow, which is in line with the trends in the international climate and energy policy. The dynamization of this process affects the entire economy, including through the development of the RES technology industry, as well as the creation of new design offices and companies involved in the construction, maintenance and operation of RES power plants. Using more energy from renewable energy sources carries an enormous technological challenge. The problem especially concerns such sources as wind or solar energy, which are controlled in a limited way and may cause uneven production, which is associated with difficulties in the flow of energy. More and more companies related to the green energy or energy transformation sector are emerging and developing on the market, which offer modern solutions and components that enable and improve the energy transformation.

The Interbud fair will certainly be conducive to the debate on the possibilities and solutions in the field of renewable energy. In addition to discussing the latest patents and industry development prospects, the event will be an excellent platform for the promotion of new systems, installations and equipment enabling enterprises to achieve greater energy efficiency, which will translate into real financial benefits for both companies and their customers. Participation in the fair is a good opportunity to gain valuable business contacts and exchange experiences of representatives of companies dealing, among others, with the production of measuring, control and navigation instruments and devices as well as other electrical equipment, as well as conducting technical research and analysis or performing electrical installations in buildings. The wide thematic scope of the fair will certainly attract to Ptak Warsaw Expo a large group of professionals and specialists setting the directions for the development of renewable energy sources in Poland.

We kindly invite you to the first edition of the International Renewable Energy Sources Industry Fair Interbud, which will take place on November 24-25, 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.